Let the Computer Revolution Begin

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Steve Wozniak talks about Computers taking over Humans which is very Intriguing considering the limitless opportunities that we can acquire in collaboration with them.

I think that ultimately this is a good thing. I mean, think about it. Where are the flying cars? Trips to Mars? All this stuff is stifled by humanity's inability to grow up.

Sustainable space exploration will only be accomplished through the cooperation of world governments... along with a plethora of other monumental scientific achievements. From the west's perspective, greatest cooperative body is NATO, and there unity isn't together. Humans, through organic self-government, will never be able to achieve global and unified cooperation. Just not in our DNA, we've pushed to the limits of our tribal heritage.

But there are a few awesome things we can make. And eventually these things (robots, software, artificial intelligence etc) will be able to grow our level of cooperation, the effectiveness of our governments.

The faster we all become programmers, the faster we humans can master telling the machines what do, how to do them. And then the robots can return the favor and take over, and show us how to stop killing each other.

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