10 TB SSD's are a Possibility now

NAND Flash accelerates Moore's Law
NAND Flash accelerates Moore's Law (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Innovative new process architecture can extend Moore's Law for flash storage - bringing significant improvements in density while lowering the cost of NAND flash.

Intel Corporation - in partnership with Micron - have announced the availability of 3D NAND, the world's highest-density flash memory.

3D NAND works by stacking the components in vertical layers with extraordinary precision to create devices with three times higher data capacity than competing NAND technologies.
As data cells begin to approach the size of individual atoms, traditional "Planar" NAND is nearing its practical scaling limits.

3D NAND is poised to make a dramatic impact by keeping flash storage aligned with Moore's Law, the exponential trend of performance gains and cost savings, driving more widespread use of flash storage in the future.

Reduced Cost per GB - First-generation 3D NAND is architected to achieve better cost efficiencies than planar NAND.