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Our basic rights are not what we think

We've been told or made to believe that we have the right to individual privacy, right to speech and right to participate, everything that we see in our constitution is down right a lie.

We believe Our basic rights are there only to shield us from an alien entity that might suppress our freedom of expression. But when it comes to batting the same govt that hold those rights for us, there's a good chance they might let go of those rights in your particular case.

We've seen innocent people go to jail because of their rights on the Internet/ or Off doesn't matter where you are or what you say, i believe these rights are just there to make us believe that we're being protected. Our great founding fathers embedded these rights to protect themselves from us. SO when the time comes, they can use this rights and suppress us.

Isn't this already been done in the United States ? Take for instance the hacktivists or the Internet Warriors or Internet Terrorists (*as the US Govt labels them), we've seen the real face of democracy and to what extent any nation is being democratic when it comes to protecting themselves.

This holds true for India too, we just haven't heard any such news because the main stream media is involved in this too. Remember the phrase I quote, "We Will show you what you need to see" (or something on those lines) don't remember who the author was.

So basically we're living a lie, our rights are a lie and the whole constitution protecting us downright a lie.

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