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Flipkart Joins Airtel Net Neutrality Violation with its Airtel Zero Platform

We need to hurt these companies, either monetarily or by generating consistent outrage. Most of the Indians don't know or care enough about Net Neutrality. Twitter Twitterhas been a great platform to influence public opinion, especially in India. (Reminds me, the cuntwads at Twitter India are also violators of Net Neutrality).

In case you forgot what havoc these bastard Indian carriers can wreak upon their users, let me remind you about the old days of VAS. In fact, not just users, but any startup that didn't pay up the protection money to this telco mafia died.

If you are using Airtel, I implore you to shift away from them. Their service may or may not be great (having used them for 3 years, they were quite good), but these assholes are not just against Net Neutrality, they are bullying the government into helping them strip away any chance to bring NN to India. Vodafone, Idea, Reliance Comm., MTS have all formed a cartel alongwith Airtel into pushing TRAI against the wall.
I couldn't hate even the Gandhis as much as I hate these bastards and that is quite high a bar.

Shift away from them, encourage the people around you to do the same. At the same time, educate others about Net Neutrality. Encourage people to look beyond small short term gains and make them understand how and why this is an extremely bad proposition for us all.

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