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April Fool's Day doesn't feel the Same

There was a time when people were sort of scared of this day, of getting fooled eventually turning the whole day into an embarrassment.

I remember being fooled by my dad during my school days. I didn't keep on top of all the current affairs and my dad knew this, so he took it to his advantage. That day he'd told me that Atal Bihari Ji (Prime Minister of India at that time) Expired. I was shocked even though i wasn't much fond of politicians i did believe him that day and went to school and said the same to all my friends.

They all laughed at me, even my own fav english teacher giggled. I felt so embarrassed at that time. I didn't knew what to do.. since that day I've never believed in without cross checking it on the Internet. Back then I didn't had this thinking, I wish I'd turn up the person I'm today at an early stage of my life to avoid all those embarrassments. And that's just one of many incidents I've encountered.

But Today when I'm grown up and refuse to believe in all the pranks my friends pull at me... it all seems boring and doesn't have that feeling which you had felt at an younger stage.

Tech Companies now use this day to pull pranks on their competitors. Few do it for the fun of joy and fooling the customers, few do it to insult the wits of other people. But the essence of April Fools Day has changed and probably will be never the same again.

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