Pro-ISIS Websites hosted by US & UK Companies

Online hacktivist collective Anonymous has released a comprehensive list of websites suspected to be linked to Islamic State, together with the companies responsible for hosting the content.

The latest release forms part of Op Isis, an ongoing cyber campaign carried out by the amorphous group designed to disrupt Isis' online operations and "Cure the Isis Virus".

Many of the websites listed do not appear to have any affiliation with jihadist groups, however links can be found to extremists and supporters of Isis when traced back to related social media accounts.

Hundreds of websites allegedly associated with Isis have already been attacked by Anonymous and its affiliates.

Lists of Twitter accounts related to Isis have also been released, however the methods employed by Isis members and its supporters have meant that having them reported and removed has so far proved ineffective.

A separate source within Anonymous previously told this publication that Twitter provides a Hydra-like platform for Isis to thrive.