Rumor Mill: Microsoft ready to start work on the first Windows 10 Update

Acc to Softpedia, Microsoft is ready to start work on the very first Windows 10 update, reportedly codenamed Redstone, so rumor has it that the company is very close to finalizing the upcoming operating system, which is expected to launch this summer.

What we’re hearing is that Microsoft is planning to stop developing new features for Windows 10 as soon as possible and instead start focusing on fixing bugs and issues that are found by company employees and insiders.

This means that the final version of Windows 10 is ready and the rumored mid-2015 release dates that we've told you about in the past could actually be accurate.

Sources said that Windows 10 was initially projected to reach RTM in June, which once again makes sense if the company is now close to finalizing work on Windows 10. Redmond would thus have around two months to fix bugs and other issues before RTM.

The rumored launch of Windows 10 is said to take place in August, two months after RTM, as Microsoft hopes that the new operating system, together with devices running it, could benefit from the back-to-school shopping season ending in September.

More features promised to insiders

What’s odd is that Windows 10 doesn't seem to be ready if we look at the existing technical preview builds, and Microsoft itself promised to ship more new features to users.

But Windows 10 builds that might be available internally could have a plethora of other features that we haven’t tried yet and that could make their final debut in the RTM version.

In fact, back in late 2014, when Microsoft kicked off the Windows Insider program, we heard that Redmond might not release all Windows 10 features for testing but might instead keep some surprises for the final version of the OS. If this is the case, then today’s rumors might be true and Windows 10 could be very close to getting the go-ahead.

Keep in mind that these are all rumors for now and Microsoft hasn't confirmed anything, but more information will most likely be provided to us at the BUILD developer conference, later this month.