My Experience from Yesterday

As many of you know, I went to my friends marriage yesterday with my friend Raj.
It was an amazing experience, let me narrate it to you.
We started from home at 10pm reached MGBS at 10:30. Brought tickets & boarded a deluxe which started at 11pm at night.
The whole night I couldn't sleep because of the cool breeze sneaking in from the crack beside the Window. The night was disturbing, we reached armore at 3am in the morning.
Got down, went to washrooms to get ready, after getting ready at the bus stand. We drank tea at a hotel & boarded an auto for another 23kms. From there the bride's brother received us and took us to his home.

As we got inside the home, I was greeted by the bride, xchanged conversations about the travels & went on to see the rooms. Soon approached by other friends (girls) who welcomed us ...
After drinking a cup of tea, one of my friends gave us a crash but brief tour about the wedding stage, the bridegroom conversations they had the previous day and showed us around.
At 11:00 AM : 18/12/2014
Before heading off to the stage, I asked my friend to put a mhendi design of her choice ... below is the pic you can see. Raj also volunteered after me for mehendi.
We changed and headed onto the wedding stage location... watched the wedding ...took some pics. After the wedding, went for lunch with all our classmates.
After lunch we had photo sshoots turn by turn we greeted the couple & gifted them things packed. Few of us chose to unwrap the gifts in front of camera, well that was their wish and the couple's.
Me & Raj started off after the marriage at 4pm and came back. I reached home at 9pm and slept; making up for those skipped hours in the bus.