Random Thought #4

The day is boring, so is the afternoon and the evening. Its almost 8pm and i'm infront of my Laptop trying to put some words together to make this post. Would you like to know what i did since morning ? My boring life story may interest you in some way..(hoping, fingers crossed !)

Woke Up late, had no shower today. Its not that I don't take shower or like being dirty, instead i'm just used to not taking a bath on my holidays. I call holidays my dirty days... cause i get lazy and do everything at a slow pace. No concerns, no college work, just me, my bed and the Internet. But unfortunately there was some hiccup with the delivery of my bank atm so had to check that out. Came back, browsed reddit for an hour then slept like a bear(ofcourse with a snore) just Kidding i don't snore in my sleep. :)

Then a few minutes back a friend of mine pinged me to ask if i knew the exam center for this semester, to which i said in reply 'No, I don't' !

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