time travel using parallel universe.
time travel using parallel universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have said for a long time that time and money and math do not actually exist. Time, aside from the eternal "NOW", does not exist. The only way time would actually "EXIST" is if there was a super presence that was taking snapshots of the physical location of each subatomic atom in the universe every microsecond and labeling each of those snapshots sequentially.

Every time someone talks about time travel, I do my best to explain this concept. With Infinite amount of energy within the confines of the universe, "GOING BACK IN TIME" would actually require assembling all sub atomic atoms to a previous unknown state and location in order to simulate the exact location at that "TIME". I agree that it is simply a very useful concept that helps us interpret the "human experience", but in reality all that is actually happening is matter constantly altering its form and location.