In few hours from Now

Its a fabulous day, the sun is shining bright, with stillness in the air. Wedding seasons have started and tomorrow one of my friend is getting married. Another friend will be joining me tonight on due course. 11hrs to start & I haven't even packed anything for the wedding couple. Looked up the internet for ideas finally settled on one particular thing that I'll be gifting them. It's a surprise so i can't tell you what it is ?
It'll be 180kms journey from Hyderabad, for the first time my dad has allowed me to go this far alone (with friends). Hoping to return by sunset, tomorrow is going to be a kickass day.

I'm actually looking forward to see the wedding and meet new faces, get acquainted and have some casual talks; Ofcourse their will be dances and singing. Lets see...wait until I come back tomorrow & tell you the rest of the story.