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iOS Game Center

Game center of Apple can be a real learning experience for the budding youngsters who want to make an indelible mark on the world of iOS game development. It allows people to play games, manage online multiplayer games. Besides, one can add new friends from the forum along with the browsing of leader boards and achievements.

One can make great use of this platform to give excellent and augmented game center experience to the users through his app. There is a lot to learn and it emits principles which can serve your purpose of making an efficient game in a much better way. The following guidelines can help in setting your vision and action plan.

A) Proper Custom UI:
Don't make the UI which forces customers to sign into the game center. The reason is when people start your app which is equipped with the game center, the system robotically stimulates them to sign. Thus, customized UI for the same task is unnecessary and might repel a player. It makes no sense at all.

B) Standardized UI:
In certain peculiar cases, customized UI might be helpful and may enhance functionality of the app. But such modifications come with a risk of confusing people. Users may get puzzled and may find themselves in totally unfamiliar territory. But, both iOS and OS X users are used to the standard Game Center UI. It makes users feel connected to the app which is extremely important from the customer retention point of view. 

C) Voice Chat Customizability:
Not just in games, but users don't want any kind of undemanded interruptions or interactions in all applications. Most users will not like to be welcomed by the unplanned voice chat at the beginning of your game center. They might want to turn it off and on as per their wish based on the situation. But the compulsion kind of flow which is rigid is detrimental for the ultimate user experience.