Quantum OS based on LINUX

Developing an operating system based upon Linux which conforms to Google’s Material Design guidelines. The focus is on creating a stable and easy-to-use operating system with a heavy emphasis on well-thought-out design.

This project was originally named Quartz OS but has since been renamed to Quantum OS because of conflicts with the OS X graphics technologies.


Currently the team consists of mainly just (Michael Spencer/@iBeliever), though he's already getting some great design feedback and mockups from Andrea Del Sarto. Anyone who is interested in contributing code, design, feedback, or testing is welcome to contribute, though he plans to remain in control of project management to ensure that we stay focused on our goals.

The code is hosted on GitHub at https://github.com/quantum-os, with the Material Design QML framework hosted at https://github.com/quantum-os/qml-material. You can also track our mockups here, though because of the flexibility and power of QML, we often work directly in code versus designing mockups first.

The Desktop Shell

We plan to develop the desktop shell and applications primarily using Qt 5 and QML, which will allow us to build highly polished and dynamic user interfaces and will work well for implementing Material Design. If possible, we will build the desktop shell in as much QML as possible built on top of the QtCompositor API, which provides a Qt framework for building a Wayland compositor.