Sony hacked again, but this time its Sony Pictures.

Hackers calling themselves GOP (Guardian of Peace) claimed to have downloaded 11TB of data from Sony Pictures servers including movies 'fury','Annie' and many documents along with passwords & email id's of the employees accounting for 37m files in total. 

Hours after, the leaked movies appeared on torrent sites making the unscreeened movies available to public at large.

11TB seems like a lot of data and to get a feel for it, I did a research and found a link on Reddit that explains how many files it'd really be ?

And just because they have an index that contains 37m file names, does not mean they have 100% of those files. It only takes seconds to do a "find . > list1.txt" on the root of a server, downloading all those files takes quite a bit longer.

'cat list*.txt | wc -l' shows that there are 37.937.159 file names.

'cat list*.txt | grep -i ".pdf" | wc -l'

.txt 659.987 files
.pdf 5.419.564 files
.xlsx 1.421.089 files
.xls 8.512.625 (includes the 1.4M .xlsx files)
.docx 531.845 files
.doc 5.396.801 (includes the 531K .docx files)
.mp4 46.139 files
.mkv 34 files
.avi 6.366 files
.raw 311 files
.mp3 73.113 files