Negative Impact of Facebook

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Facebook is one of the fundamental social networking sites that have changed the course of social connection on the global scale. The Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg and his colleagues that includes over a billion users worldwide that have different connections with friends, organizations, families and businesses and more.

It is an increasing strength that has been part of the rising process of youth across globe. Facebook has created a connection among real and virtual world in the life of the people that includes actions dedicated to the value of real life on Facebook. It provides a way to the new problems that has developed with increasing the usage of the site with dejection and passion. The younger generations are using more social media sites like Facebook that has impact on socializing skills and psychological growth. The social media sites especially Facebook has increased the antisocial behavior that impede the psychological disorder.

According to a study, the students who regularly use Facebook during their study have bad results in the examination than those students who did not use it. It has created the sleeping problem that has increased the depression among students. The young generation frequently used social media sites for long period of time. The interaction on the social media has been replaced by the interaction online that affect the communication pattern and their self esteem.
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