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JNTU World Closed due to lack of Legitimacy

JNTU World Closed due to lack of Legitimacy
For many years, JNTU World has been providing more information than the official JNTU website, all most all JNTU students & Professors use this website for information, results, examination, time table & most importantly for the materials. The site used to have high traffic during results so many students thought that www.jntuworld.com is official (i.e hosts results and it maintains information and latest updates of all JNTU - Hyderabad, Kakinada,  Anathapur, Kadapa) but its not.
JNTU world is a 3rd party website.

Although its not yet Official as to why the site is down but rumors on Social Networking sites had it that the State Government had forced to close the site. There is also a possibility  that their servers must have gown down, but this is absurd because we know every one maintains back up and there is no official update about JNTU World site on Newspapers either.

For years students depended on JNTU World for Materials and questions banks but now it looks like they'll have to do it without any help.

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