I'm so excited to see what science has in store for us. By 2050, I predict:

• Scientists will find a way to get around many microbial resistance problems.

• Massive steps will be taken towards beating cancer on all fronts. Preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation will all benefit from the huge breakthroughs by amazing geneticists, pharmacists, clinicians and chemists.

• Elements 113 through 118 will be confirmed and named.

• We will have become much better at using renewable technology and energy. It'll be more efficient, effective and sustainable that it currently is.

• Large colliders will either confirm or disprove string theory.

• There will be a manned mission to mars.

• One of the Millennium Problems will be solved.

• Driverless cars will become huge.

• Wearable technology to really take off. Stuff like Google Glass will become more refined, and more integrated.

I'm also really excited to see what the future has in store that I can't even imagine yet. I'm convinced something will come out of nowhere and will revolutionize the world, like the television or the internet, something that it's difficult to imagine life without.