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6 Upcoming Events in 2015

Dubai Football Challenge
So all football fans, here's is a good news for you. Catch this biggest single football match ever! It is Real Madrid vs. AC Milan, the city will witness the biggest match staged ever! Fans will see some intense action from both the teams! It will prove to be a spectacular year-ending sporting event. December 30th! Cheer for the big names as they fight for glory!

Australian Open
Starting from Jan 19th 2015, Australian Open is the first of the four Grand Slam events of the year. It always attracts fans or spectators from around the globe to experience the energy at one of the world's largest sporting event. The event is held annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne. Tickets are up for sale. Book yours now!

ICC Cricket World Cup
This one big event of the year 2015. Always welcomed very warmly after every four years, the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup will be will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand and is scheduled to take place from 14th February to 29th March 2015. It will be one of the world's largest international sports tournaments with 14 competing teams and more than 400 accredited players and officials taking part. Have you booked for your team's match fixtures?

Tomorrowland Brasil
How can we miss this on our list! Tomorrowland is coming to South America this time on the first three days of May 2015. The magnificent Book of Wisdom will open for a new exciting chapter. Here the unimaginable comes to life, new friendships are made by revellers, and musical explorations are provided with an amazing line-up, creating three days of extraordinary experiences. Tickets are up for grab now!

DJ Alesso @ London
DJ Alesso (Alessandro Lindblad) will make you dance like never before. Coming to London for two days, 18th and 19th December and Manchester on 20th December, DJ Alesso's foot tapping remixes will hook you to the dance floor for ever. Enjoy the best of EDM in this concert.

One Direction @ Dubai City
The hit-makers behind What Makes You Beautiful, Story of My Life and Best Song Ever have are coming to Dubai on 4th April 2015, to rock you with their pop music. If you love boy bands and pop music, you simply must see One Direction live!

Cape Town International Jazz Festival
This is an annual music festival held in Cape Town, South Africa and is recognized as the world's 4th largest jazz festival. The festival brings together over 40 local and international artists, performing over 2 nights and hosts over 37 000 loyal and crazy jazz music lovers. This festival will be held on 27th and 28th March 2015.

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