Tucker Carlson Putin Interview

Putin is very cogent leader getting asked real questions. The content is interesting but I already knew Putin is very well educated and spoken because he uses logic pattern to answer questions that he doesn’t know the answer.

The REAL story is watching any media outlet that slams Tucker in this interview. This was true journalism but you’ll be lied to about how dangerous it is to listen to a lying devil like terrible Putin. This should expose the liars but you have to have your head on straight.

Puttin started with a history lesson for about 40 minutes which was all true and pretty good to hear if you're into history. He's not thick. This was another big one tucker asked if he could take home am American journalist with him that Russia has in a cell somewhere, Putin stated if the terms were correct there was no reason why he couldn't but we'd need some kind of conversation in return.

Putin said he's never spoke to Biden since 2020. Heard trumps name mentioned once and he said he can speak to him well. Seems to have had a very good relationship with George bush, and said he isn't as stupid as people make out and especially his controllers. Stated that most of the politicians he's dealt with at his own table and theirs are always up for the talks of peace and getting stuff done, then stated they get turned down every time by the higher ups and letter agencies.

He believes not one of the politicians are in power because they go higher up.

Man knows money and all about economics. Was a pretty grown up interview that was pretty good viewing. He never slagged off anybody or said a bad word about any Americans apart form the letter agencies. 

Watch the complete Interview below: 

Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 09, 2024 Rating: 5

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