A ransomware group has allegedly hacked all Sony systems

Proof of Hack
Sony is currently facing a significant cybersecurity threat. According to reports, a new ransomware group named “Ransomed.vc” claims responsibility for infiltrating their systems. The group’s audacious move was not limited to mere claims either; they’ve released screenshots as evidence of their “successful” breach. The screenshots shared depicted directories, files, and even source code from Sony’s internal systems. This act was a clear demonstration of the group’s capabilities and their intent to prove the authenticity of their claims.

The newcomer ransomware group claims they’ve successfully compromised all of Sony’s systems, but do they have the proof to back it up? So far, the group has included some proof-of-hack data, but it’s not necessarily compelling information. The info they’ve divulged consists of several Java files, screenshots of an internal log-in page, and a PowerPoint presentation that outlines testbench details.

Ransomed.vc has also posted a file tree of the leak. What’s unusual is that it only has less than 6,000 files, which is small considering it’s supposed to have “all of Sony’s systems.” The files include HTML files, “build log files,” and various Java resources.

Sony Has Yet to Make A Statement

Sony has yet to release an official statement about Ransomed.vc’s alleged breach of their systems. We’ll have to wait and see how they will respond to this situation and what measures they will take to mitigate the potential damage. If it’s any consolation, this isn’t Sony’s first rodeo when it comes to dealing with security threats. Sony’s PlayStation Network experienced a massive breach in 2011—compromising approximately 77 million registered accounts and rendering online features completely inoperable. The severity of that breach was so profound that Sony had to address Congress and later offered games and monetary compensation to affected users.
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