PVR Inox Slashes Food & Beverage Prices By Up To 40% after a Viral Tweet


Leading multiplex chain PVR Inox has slashed food and beverages prices by up to 40 per cent after facing backlash on its rates on social media.

Cinephiles who plan to watch films during the weekend can claim bottomless popcorn featuring unlimited tub refills, along with attractively priced Family Meal Combos, bringing down the food & beverages (F&B) spends by as much as 40 per cent," PVR Inox said in a statement.Earlier, a tub of cheese popcorn was available at PVR Inox for Rs 450, while 600-ml soft drinks would cost Rs 360.

The company’s price cut comes more than 10 days after a social media user complained about the exorbitant prices of its F&B. According to offer details available for its 'Bestseller @ 99', the offer is not applicable for group bookings or special shows, and could be purchased offline only. The combo will also not be available in any of its luxury cinema formats like LUXE/Gold and TLC cinemas as Director’s Cut.

On this, PVR Inox said it was already charging GST at 5 per cent on all F&B items sold at the cinemas. "This clarification will help resolve industry-wide concerns for the sector, which includes more than 9,000 cinema screens across the country, in avoiding GST-related disputes/litigation, ensuring tax certainty and revival of the theatrical business post-pandemic,” it had said.

What is this new offer and why is it sus?

"We at PVR believe that every opinion matters and it must be respected," tweeted PVR in response to Mandal's viral tweet, and they came up with two 'unbeatable offers':

  • Consumers will have the opportunity to buy a variety of food items, including hotdogs, burgers, popcorn, sandwiches, and beverages, as well as 'enticing combos' starting at Rs 99 from Monday to Thursday between 9 am and 6 pm.
  • Moreover, on weekends, they can enjoy 'Bottomless Popcorn' with unlimited tub refills, 'Bottomless Pepsi', and reasonably priced Family Meal Combos. 

But here is the thing.

They shared this information on Twitter with the 'terms and conditions' for this offer in the tiniest of fonts. DailyO went to the PVR website and went through their terms and conditions and we found them pretty vague.

Here are some:

The first vague condition states that "PVR has the right to withdraw or modify the offer without prior notice". Does this mean they can cancel the offer anytime they want? Another unclear condition states that the offer is valid until the stock lasts. But what stock are they referring to? How much stock is available? This information is not provided. Furthermore, the offer does not apply to group bookings (more than 10 seats) or certain special shows.

Now, the most peculiar condition is that the combo is available pan-India, except for specific luxury cinema formats such as Director's Cut, Ambience Gurgaon, Director's Cut Ambience Delhi, ICON Infinity Mumbai, Jio World, Makers Mumbai, Director's Cut, Rex Bangalore, PVR Select City Walk, PVR Mall of India Noida, and PVR Nitesh Hub Pune.

Interestingly, among the list of cinemas where this offer is not applicable, it includes PVR Mall of India, Noida, which was the one Mandal complained about.

Bottom line: While on paper, the 'unbeatable' prices look decent enough, the reality is a little different.
PVR Inox Slashes Food & Beverage Prices By Up To 40% after a Viral Tweet PVR Inox Slashes Food & Beverage Prices By Up To 40% after a Viral Tweet Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on July 18, 2023 Rating: 5

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