Apollo for Reddit is Shutting Down

Apollo for Reddit is being shut down on June 30th. The popular iOS client made by Christian Selig won’t be able to weather Reddit’s new API pricing policies that could cost him over $20 million per year.

Apollo is definitely my favorite app. It's one of the only third-party apps I've used that's so well-designed and so emblematic of Apple's HIGs that it might as well be a first-party app. I think it is literally perfect. It is incredibly heart-breaking to see that call being misinterpreted by the CEO, who then immediately apologized, yet continued to frame you as the one that "threatened" them...

Reddit has become an incredibly hostile company in my eyes, and no doubt, them going IPO is probably the reason for their latest actions. This is simply a cut-and-clear example of what happens when a company shifts their focus from the product onto money.

Steve Huffman’s involvement with Reddit makes Reddit untenable.I hope Christian finds a way to transfer that magical touch to something that interests us.

You can read the full text from developer posted on Reddit from below:

📣 Apollo will close down on June 30th. Reddit’s recent decisions and actions have unfortunately made it impossible for Apollo to continue. Thank you so, so much for all the support over the years. ❤️
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