She-Hulk - Attorney at Law Review

Before we dive into my review, let's address the elephant in the room. I think one of the big roadblocks for people with this show is they're so used to the Marvel game plan of some big over arching story, when in reality this is mostly just a sitcom. It is a comic book show and it definitely has a lot of comic-bookiness and weirdness, but it doesn't really belong in the super-hero genre and it definitely doesn't belong in the action genre that Marvel Studios is known for.

Having said that, In the comics She-Hulk was a silly, completely episodic, slice-of-life sitcom/courtroom comedy that tries to showcase and embrace the absurdity, weirdness, vibrance and flamboyance of comic books, but also make fun of the flaws, repetitiveness and general silliness of the medium through meta commentary. It was also a progressive comic book that contrasted the timid life that a female lawyer lives, being unnoticed by her male counterparts and society in general, and her suppressing those problems to appease to societal norms, with the exuberant and confident She-Hulk that empowered Jen Walters to be the person she wants to be.

So, if you were expecting anything else, then you might be disappointed and that's ok. Not everything is for everyone. Each person has different tastes and there are audiences for everything.

The season 1 storyline was about Jen coming to terms with being She-Hulk, and whether or not there's some bad guy out there with a sample of her blood is kind of irrelevant to that journey. I think there were some jokes that didn't hit, but I'm not going to fault the writers for that as there are several other examples of Marvel shows that force humor/emotion into scenes that just falls flat. I expected to feel similar to how I did during Ms. Marvel. I didn't enjoy that series nearly as much, it wasn't all that interesting to me. But, She-Hulk didn't feel forced, it just felt fresh. And maybe part of that was the use of meta commentary as a narrative device.

The writers could addressed obvious things from the audience's perspective, and I feel as though they nailed those scenes. And another thing could just be how simple the series is. This did not feel like an Avengers show/setup. It felt more like the Harley Quinn show, which for the first couple seasons had interesting commentary and funny characters and similarly felt fresh.
Fun fact - The creator & head writer of the She-Hulk series also wrote the Pickle Rick episode of Rick & Morty.
What do you think of this show, let me know in the comments.? 

She-Hulk - Attorney at Law Review She-Hulk - Attorney at Law Review Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on October 19, 2022 Rating: 5

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