WhatsApp has grown increasingly Noisy during Work From Home

Most of us are familiar with the insistent ping of our cellphones alerting us to a message on our work WhatsApp group[s] at ungodly hours. Indeed, the service is becoming an increasingly common way to set up meetings, send urgent messages or bounce off ideas.

Here are my top 3 reasons for quitting WhatsApp:

  1. Trigger behavior: I hated that fact that I wasn’t being intentional with my phone use. Technology will save us they said, but instead I felt this feeling that I needed to be saved from it. While I feel like WhatsApp is different to Instagram and Facebook, it definitely nurtures the same behavior for me, the need to fulfil your notification crave.
  2. Idle Talk & Expectations: When I actually break down what the main use of my Whatsapp behavior is, it’s idle talk & work related. I questioned the benefit of using Whatsapp for work and I've realized you'd have to give up your personal freedom on any given day as people don't tend to respect your "Time Off". Given the majority of it is just chit-chat, I personally feel like the benefits are too insignificant to justify keeping it. 
  3. Too Much Distraction: Going from the above point, because of how accessible Whatsapp makes you, it becomes a constant source of distraction. Distracting in both personal and professional life. We tell ourselves ‘I don’t have time’ but really in most cases, it is because we are making time for other things. Whilst we may not deem WhatsApp more important than the task or project at hand, sitting on Whatsapp pulls rank because of its addictiveness.
Although some people do not mind how the platform is managed, or even the occasional late night pings from a colleague, others like me find it an unwelcome distraction. Much use of anything will create irritations and problems as per your lifestyle.
WhatsApp has grown increasingly Noisy during Work From Home WhatsApp has grown increasingly Noisy during Work From Home Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on May 21, 2021 Rating: 5

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