COVID-19 Rant

Coronavirus has taken a lot of time from a lot of us. In my case I skipped from 26 to 28. I was never a 27 year old. Not only that, but I was quite behind on a lot of important things in life, and became aware of it in the latter half 27.

The internet is bad. It's full of 20 something year olds complaining they are old and a lot of (imo dumb) gen z vs millennial discourse. Articles about how at 25 you're past your peak now aren't helping. Supposedly 23 is peak attractiveness and by 30 you are losing value. Last time I could ethically go outside I was supposedly at my peak but now I'm old news. There's a lot of coronavirus articles about how the 18-30 demographic has suffered the most mental health wise. I was in that demographic for the bulk of the pandemic.

I'm planning to have a lot more fun at an age where I guess I'm supposed to be settling down, while in fairness, also making more serious life moves. Please don't judge me too harshly. COVID has caused way more serious problems than this of course, even in my own life, but this feeling of now being double stunted may be the most long term consequence for me personally, and I just feel the need to discuss it.
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