I like the Old Youtube Service

Remember the times back in the 2000s when you searched for something specific and got exactly what you wanted and twelve other reposts the same length. The subject you searched was right there in the video for X amount of seconds with little to no background context. Not anymore these days.

I liked using YouTube when it was people making videos on shite quality cameras in their bedroom. When shit like Nyan cat was hilarious. No adverts, no shine, just fun content. Now, it's the most commercialized platform in existence.

Two adverts before each video. Then another two a third of the way through the video, literally mid-sentence of the video. The person I'm watching is demonetized, so I know they aren't making any money from it. Then it's maybe five minutes until another two adverts come along, again mid-sentence of the speaker. And then, just to be sure, another two adverts at the end of the video.

That's 8 adverts. For a 15 minute video. That's worse than if I was watching the TV.

Constant. endless. ADVERTS. Plus, the algorithm is insane. I'll watch one recipe for one thing one time and then FOR THE REST OF TIME, I will ONLY see videos of even more recipes. SOMETIMES I JUST WANT ONE RECIPE FOR ONE GODDAMN THING AND THAT'S IT. YOUTUBE IS THE APP EQUIVALENT OF OVERLY ATTACHED GIRLFRIEND.

And, I don't want to watch clips of talk shows. Leave me alone, Jimmy Fallon.

Yes, I could pay ₹129 a month for premium. But something doesn't feel right about that. Spotify has always been ₹ 25 and that's ok. But YouTube used to be free and wonderful, I don't want to pay ₹129 a month when I remember not paying for it. ₹129 a month is more than I spend on single plate biryani in Hyderabad.

Every day I think it becomes more and more unusable and eventually I'll give up on the whole thing, which sucks because there's good content out there - I just can't stand the commercialization.
I like the Old Youtube Service I like the Old Youtube Service Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on February 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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