J Biden & K Harris

It’s a good day for the Republic. I know some conservatives are upset at this news. But this is a good development, even if the GOP lost the White House.

Now the conservatives who care about Democracy, Liberty and US Constitution have an opening. A chance to either reform the Republican Party from its facets and corporatist path , or perhaps start their own party from scratch. A chance to stand for virtues like fiscal conservatism , pro economic growth ( not to be confused with pro-big industry), and a non-imperialist foreign policy. Instead of this neocon , racist, facist acid-trip they’ve been on for the last 20 years .

Trump has made so much damage and he managed not only to not LOSE support from his base, but he even GAINED support compared to the 2016 elections and massive support to say the least. But today isn't about Trump, today it's good to be happy for something good happening in 2020.

I think there’s a place for healthy debate and discussion about how best to advance America, both from the right and the left. Biden’s win just saved that dialogue from getting crushed by corrupt facism.

From an Indian perspective, this actually gives me faith in humanity.

Well done America ⌣😁