Men's Mental health is a Joke for Everyone

It’s crazy to me how in this day and age we advocate for women’s mental health, we advocate for people to be understanding of women’s needs. But It's infuriating, Men are constantly told their feelings don't matter. They're constantly told that they're privileged. They're constantly told they're the cause of society's problems. It's mentally devastating for men that don't fit that image.

I notice there is some serious stigma around taking care of your mental health. Comments from my closest friends range from "that seems like a waste of time" to "I don't get why you have to do therapy, I'm just fine" in some sort of offhand comment.

I have started to focus on my mental health honestly I'm taking my own time in growing my career but you know what I'm happier with it. People don't think I'm serious about work or that I can't manage my role. Not just that but there's a chronic lack of empathy, sympathy, kindness & consideration in the world.

The almost total lack of self-reflection & insight displayed by the average human is staggering.

Its important to remember that it’s not always about women needing more or men needing more. It’s about everyone having equal access and an equal platform to bring light to these challenges. And I do hate to break this to you, but if it wasn’t for the feminist movement trying to take down patriarchal values, men may have had even less of a voice than they do now.
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