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I love life, myself and the world.

I love waking up, I always wake up with a big smile on my face, I love going outside and meeting people, talking and helping people. I love to compliment people and help brighten their day, I love to help people around me. I just love being alive

Every day is great, even the most menial tasks are always fun, I love cleaning the house, love to peruse my hobbies. Life is so great, there are so many possibilities, so many experiences to be had, so many emotions to feel. God, even typing this is making me excited for tomorrow and for whatever the future holds for me, I just love being a human.

Its fantastic; Life. Every time I ever begin to feel down or sad I always remind myself of who I am and what I am and I instantly feel happy. I'm a human, my life is short in the grand scheme of the universe, but in this life of mine I want experience everything life has to offer, I want to make hundreds of friends, I want to make people happy and I want to make people feel loved, I want explore the world and meet the people and cultures, I want to carry on being human and live the best possible life ever. I love chasing my dreams, however unrealistic they may be! 

REMEMBER, A boat is always safer in the harbour, but thats not what it was meant for :)

I guess what I mean to say is, is that life is amazing, I love you all, YES YOU READING THIS! all humans, White black red yellow green or blue I love us ALL and want us to enjoy life, I want to have the greatest possible time on this Earth, and when I die i want to say

"fuck you life, I kicked your ass!"

Live your life to the fullest! And remember, deaths hand is always on your shoulder, so go ahead and break it’s arm :D
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