Facebook is bad all around the world

The difference between good and bad Facebooking | TechCrunch

I know this is such a controversial headline, and I think you probably already know this too: but I think Facebook is bad.

Probably 2% or less of the people who’ll see this will agree with me on this, and the rest of the people who see this will definitely flame me floor even ATTEMPTING to even say such a hot take, but it’s pretty bad.

Facebook has been stealing our data, it’s almost like the breeding grounds for fake news and information for stuff like that. This isn't even their first time, they have been publicaly slapped upside the head, admitting that its very existence is often detrimental to the well being of its users.

Perhaps most damningly, a study cited by Facebook noted that heavy users, those who click more links and like more posts, reported worse mental health.
  • Like many of those burger joints did after getting dragged through the mud in the early oughts, Facebook is trying to temper the bad press by offering users options to "Limit" what they see on the site.
  • Another option, dubbed Take a Break helps users get over breakups by hiding an ex's status updates from the user's profile, as well as the ability for the ex to see their posts.
Finally, Facebook is making the time-honored publicity move of throwing donations at the problem, promising some pocket change - $1m - to research on the effects of social networking use in youth development.

Facebook is proof that without govt regulations, every for-profit company eventually puts its profitability ahead of social good. Some would say that's the goal of every for-profit company anyway. 

It's also proof that a lot of these tech companies are run by sociopaths who only pretend to care about users.
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