Social media usage linked to belief in coronavirus conspiracy theories

Microsoft founder Bill Gates blamed Facebook and other social media platforms for the rapid spread of coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. due to misinformation.

Gates said that disinformation had convinced the majority of the population that some measures against the COVID-19, including wearing masks and social distancing, were not necessary. Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, many conspiracy theories have been circulating on social media platforms.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, numerous new fifth-generation wireless communications technology towers have been arsoned across Europe due to social media buzzes suggesting people are contracting the coronavirus because 5G is weakening their immune systems.

Gates has been accused of being the person behind the outbreak due to a speech in 2015 in which he allegedly said the world would be hit by a coronavirus.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that Gates would use COVID-19 as a justification to launch widespread global digital tracking of people.