PeaZip 7.3.2 released

PeaZip Free Archiver: Un gestor de archivos comprimidos ...

The new release introduces support for more file types, now 210 file extensions can be managed by PeaZip.

It is now possible to auto-configure Rar.exe (if present on the system*) for creation of RAR files through PeaZip's GUI choosing "Custom" format - this is a first implementation that will be improved in future, more information about supported RAR options is available on Change Log page.

This allows to create RAR files from PeaZip's interface, with the benefit of PeaZip's features as two factor authentication (protect archives with password and keyfile), integrated file conversion tool, secure deletion after archiving, etc...

The need for separately installing WinRAR to have Rar.exe available is due RarLab's licensing terms, which does not allow to bundle WinRAR components (which are not free software) nor to write a RAR compressor using any of the existing code or binary as example (a clean-room implementation would still be legally possible, but onerous to prove).
PeaZip 7.3.2 released  PeaZip 7.3.2 released Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on June 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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