Patanjali misleading people with their Ads

Patanjali vs Govt: No Advertising for Corona Drug Coronil

The clinical trials conducted by Patanjali has excluded ALL the four major categories of patients for trials. 

These four groups are:
  1. Patients with oxygen saturation < 90 
  2. Patients representing any respiratory distress syndrome 
  3. Patients having any comorbidity 
  4. Patients > 60 years old.
In these trials, they have only included 15-59 years old non-co-morbid individuals who were tested positive for Covid19. These individuals had oxygen saturation levels more than 90 and no respiratory syndrome. Even in this group, the number of patients tested is just 95, a very low number. The group on which Patanjali claims "100%" success is a group which already has close to 100% recovery rate in week without any medicine.

The "100% cure" claim is misleading for the society because of the following three reasons -
  • It would make people complacent and the society will get a feeling that now "we have 100% cure". This will lead to people shunning all preventive measures such as social distancing, mask, avoiding large gatherings, frequent hand-washing & other practices involving hygiene, etc.
  • The trial has not included even one of the groups that causes death. The further spread of disease, if it happens, will lead to even more fatality in the four groups mentioned above.
  • Also, people having co-morbodities, low oxygen saturation levels and old patients will believe that the concoction cures 100%. 
  • However, Patanjali has conveniently hidden the fact that they did not test the medicines in these 4 critical groups at the first place.
ICMR and Ministry of Health have rightly not given any official approval to the concoction. 

Such misleading claims are only dangerous in the current scenario for the high risk-groups. In fact, the government, the doctors, the medical and scientific community must spread awareness about it.

People are free to consume whatever they want. If something does not harm the people and have no side effects, let people be free to choose. One cannot force people, especially when faith and following become larger than anything else. 

However, the society must be made aware of claims that may mislead a large population during crisis.
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