Gilead suspension of China Covid-19 trials should serve as bellwether

COVID_19 is everywhere now. 

It's fine, everyone makes mistakes, and China, because of your total ignorance around 500,000 people died. That's a lot of people China, people who did nothing to deserve to die in this way. And with great loss comes a great responsibility. 

You have to reinforce at least minimal food safety standard. You just can't go back to eating anything softer than rock and pretend nothing happened because it's not how world works. 

You are a big country, yes most countries depend on you for manufacturing but you have to realize, a few companies might call you out for your total ignorance in food safety (which is well justified) and the next thing you know, no one wants to work with you until you fix your issues.

We are loosing people to this disease which is why I'm fucking pissed and it gets me absolutely livid to see China go back to selling cats, dogs, and basically anything softer than rock to restaurants (yes, its real).

China, either improve your food standards or GO FUCK YOURSELF.