Do's & Don'ts during Qurantine

Bored at home as a quranteen? Here are some things to do:
  • Do your homework. There's nothing scarier than having your teachers send your parents emails about late assignments on google classroom.
  • Clean your room! Some of yall are messy, don't lie.
  • Fix your sleep schedule. There is no excuse for you to be up past 12 am (unless you have insomnia.)
  • Play Minecraft and other video games. Because yes.
  • Try a new recipe! Ideally, with ingredients you already have at home.
  • Learn a dance! Tik Tok dances are actually kinda fun, just make sure to not do them in public due to a)Coronavirus and b) Killjoy peeps.
  • Put together outfits! Maybe even try a new aesthetic using clothes you already have.
  • Have a self-photoshoot. Chances are, you have access to some kind of camera. If you followed suggestion #6, you already got some sick fits to take photos of yourself in.
  • Doodle. All you need is a drawing utensil and something to doodle on. And before I see any comments about how you "suck at drawing," the only way you can improve is practice!
  • Play It's basically pictionary but online, so you can play with friends wherever they are. Make your own room or join a random one.
  • Play cards against humanity, online! You can make your own private room or join a random one. You can play it here:
  • Text your friends and family. Stop waiting for them to text you first. Check on how they're doing, they probably miss you. I hope.
  • Make memes. If there's any time to become a meme machine, it's now.
  • Listen to a music genre, album or artist you've never listened to before. You may be surprised by how much good music there is outside of your Liked Songs playlist on Spotify.
  • Get into musicals. Most musicals gave their soundtrack on Spotify. If you're more a visual person, there are many talented artists and animators on youtube that make animatic! The Six is mandatory listening btw.
  • Read something. Some free options I'd recommend are LINE webtoons and Wattpad (aka a cursed and forsaken land that is entertaining nonetheless.)
  • Write something. Short story, a poem, fanfiction. Do whatever.
  • Have a bath. A bubble bath, if possible.
  • Try yoga. Folding yourself into a pretzel can feel surprisingly nice??
  • Workout from home! There are plenty of home workout videos on youtube that don't require equipment. Water bottles and milk jugs can also serve as substitutes for weights.
  • Watch Netflix. Because yes.
  • Do Karaoke. Not too loudly tho, especially if you live with other people.
  • Cut/dye your hair. Hear me out. if it turns out good, congrats on having a new fun and fresh hairstyle. If you mess royally mess it up, it's not like anyone is gonna see it anyways as long as you're self-isolating. Be courageous!
  • Give yourself a mani and/or pedi. Your hands and feet deserve love too!
  • Start a quarantine journal. It would be pretty cool to read in the future.
  • Do Buzzfeed quizzes. And get mad when a quiz tells you you're dumber than a 5th grader. Im speaking from experience again.
  • Plan out what you're gonna do after quarantine ends.
  • Stay positive. We will get through this!
  • Browse Twitter. Stay Updated on the Latest News.
  • Stare into the void. I've run out of ideas.
  • Extra: Make random lists

BONUS: Things to NOT do during quarantine

  • Ignore physical distancing guidelines when you go outside. 6 feet/two meters minimum.
  • Hijack Zoom classes. Let teachers do their job in peace smh.
  • Be an attention seeker online. Just don't.
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