Darwin's Game Review

Darwin's Game: Image Credit: Siml
Kaname Sudou is your average high-school student, toiling away in life with his best buds. One day, however, he receives a mysterious invitation to use an app on his smart phone, and, upon accepting, finds himself thrust into an augmented reality where superpowers exist, riches implode, and death glooms overhead. Coined Darwin’s Game, this survival-of-the-fittest situation demands everything – but supplies almost nothing in return.

The first episode is a double-feature, but it only serves to stab home the point that this anime has a difficult time outrunning its tired premises and eye-rolling events. Motivations are bland. Outcomes have little consequential value. Themes take a backseat to uninteresting dialogue. Alongside the lackluster duels and the inevitable overseers, the storytelling has thus far been a keen recipe for trite dealings.

A lack of meta details and necessary explanations seek to create an air of mystery to the whole debacle, yet this direction exacerbates the show’s problems. I.e., this no knowledge is no good, for the implausibility and the irrationality of the decisions and the confrontations equates to suspended disbelief that drags down the evolution of its natural selection.
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Darwin's Game Review Darwin's Game Review Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on April 12, 2020 Rating: 5

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