Be Responsible not Selfish

I've gotten this reply a few times and it flabbergasts me everytime. Right now, I'm in my mid 20s working since last 4 years and building a foundation for my life. So by my logic, waiting until I'm 30-32 will not only give me more time to build myself, but it gives me time to build wisdom and patience for when I do have kids. But for some reason, this is dubbed selfish for the following reasons: Medical complications, Kids taking care of their old parents, To old to enjoy their time, Monetary burden on my children and a lot more other bs points they make. Here's the thing I don't understand. Folks will give you shit if you have kids too soon or too young, but then turn around and say "Its selfish to wait that long. Don't procreate because (insert cliche bs insult here)

Like, as a parent, you do everything you can to make sure you can care and bond with your children. They just assume that I'm not going to keep myself on track to stay healthy and active (when really, staying in one spot and doing minimal movement is the bane of my existence). If you're not ready to have kids (mentally, financially, and situationally), don't have them.

 I'll take my chances. If you're not feeding or financing me, your opinion on when I have kids is unnecessary and you can go the fuck away.
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