Moral dilemma amidst COVID19

I'm currently working 40 hrs a week at a job that I mostly like, and do intend to stay with. I've only worked at this company for 4 years though. I do believe in their mission and stuff.

Now that Corona virus has ravages major cities' medical systems, I have a moral question - Covid seems to be in large part a logistical problem. Supplies. Medical supplies, moving them around as fast as possible.

I ask you this, do I have a moral obligation to take two months leave from my current job, and apply for ANY position at a trucking/warehousing/supply chain company that moves medical supplies right now? India's trucking workforce is young. They're all 30's, cowboy boot wearing cigarette smoking fast food eating types you'd expect (yes, that's a gross generalization). But in a few weeks, probably sixty percent of these guys are gonna be laid up either at home or in the hospital and those supplies MUST MOVE.

I wonder what would happen if I pitched this idea to my current employer.
Moral dilemma amidst COVID19 Moral dilemma amidst COVID19 Reviewed by Kanthala Raghu on March 31, 2020 Rating: 5

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