Mother Theresa wasn't a Saint during her time

This woman had over 500 missions in 100 countries, plus lots of funding. But the people that went to them for help rarely received the medical care or much else they needed, they were unhygienic, lacked beds, lacked medication especially painkillers and little in the way of food. And again, she did not lack fundin for these places.
Here’s a quote from her: “There is something beautiful in seeing the poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering,””
There are accounts of her trying to baptize dying non Christians, against their wishes or without consent, advising her nuns to resort to trickery. She’s the stereotypical white savior, using colonialism to spread Christianity.

She was incredibly anti abortion, contraception and divorce, spreading these ideals in non white, non Christian, and third world countries. I disagree with all of her views on those issues but the last two especially are dangerous and detrimental to women.

She was also very chummy with a few despots and dictators. And again had tons of funding, and her handling of it was suspicious to say the least.

Her charities did not serve many people and were mainly about, you guessed it, spreading Christianity and her beliefs. Again, despite the ridiculous funds she had that could’ve been used to actual help people.

Her “miracles” are sketchy, to say the very least.
TLDR: Mother Theresa was not a saint in life and was not a very good person.

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-> Mother Teresa’s Sainthood is a Fraud, Just Like She Was.
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