How to become a better version of yourself ?

First and foremost, Treat yourself with the same respect that you show to other people. It is important to respect and care for yourself despite all the ups and downs in life. 

Start thinking in long-term (say, five years), medium-term (say, a month to six months) and short-term strategies (say, one day to a week).

You can break the long-term plan down into medium-term plans, and the medium-term plans into short-term plans. What do you need to be doing today to get you to where you want to be next week? Next month? Next year? Once you've got that in mind -- and you get into the habit of taking manageable bites out of your life goals -- it becomes a lot easier to achieve what you want.

The advice I always give relates to writing a novel. A novel is 90,000 words, give or take. If you write 250 words a day, every day, you'll have the first draft of that book you've had rattling around inside your head on paper by the end of 2020. If that seems daunting... well, this post is 230 words long. It took me less than five minutes to type up, and I'm only, what, forty words away from being on target? How many articles do you write in a day? How many Facebook updates? How many tweets?

A little amount of sustained effort is (usually) the best way to get where you want to be.
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