A Sincere Request

I have seen and been seeing a lot of posts about ’What Can we do?’ and I know you all and your parents are busy, in fact very busy, but I urge you all to join Protests no matter in which city you are, There have been arrests going on wherever there is a protest under the name of ’Preventive Detention’. In, Assam 175 have been arrested and 1500 detained, I know the aim of Assam Protest is different than Protest of Jamia, but our aim is to nullify the whole law itself.

Akhil Gogoi, an RTI activist, has been arrested and booked under UAPA, 2019. Yes, the law that was amended recently. I urge you all to take time and support all those who are out on the streets because everyone out there is fighting not for their existence alone but also for the existence of a just country. The one which all of us want to live in.

Gather some information and join the protests wherever they are happening. If we let them have their way this time, it could any other community next or an area or a state. Do your bit.

As I am writing is AMU being set on fire, while they don’t have the internet to call for help


A citizen.
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