Priyanka Reddy Murder Case - Police Couldn't have Saved Her

The brutal incident in Hyderabad left me devastated.

There’s a lot of misinformation being spread and a blame game between police and victim going on right now.

Firstly, the incident happened on the Outer Ring Road that surrounds Hyderabad. It’s 40 kms away from the city. It’s basically like a highway and it’s very hard to patrol every inch. Crimes can easily go unnoticed.

Secondly, blaming the victim for not calling police is absolutely ridiculous. You never know how terrorised she was at that time and you can never expect victims to calmly call for help in the last minute. The fact that she called her family tells you how women don’t trust or have faith in emergency services in India. The home minister of Telangana insensitively told that she should’ve called police instead of her sister. What difference would that have made? That was a highway and there’s no one around to help.

There were also reports that police initially weren’t helpful when the family approached to lodge a complaint. This is unfortunate and most of the police in India aren’t trained in gender sensitisation. Women are afraid and hesitant to approach police and report sexual crimes.

Predators are everywhere in this country and it’s impossible and impractical to stop crimes.

The only thing government can do is it fast track the justice process and consistently punish the rapists with capital punishment. This will make a big difference and will make these predators think twice before committing a crime.

We also need a reliable emergency response service that works like swiggy and help reaches you in minutes. This can only be achieved if govt privatises this and invests more money.

Source - Telangana: Cops said she has eloped, murdered doctor's family alleges police apathy
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