Capitalist Marketing Scam - Consumer Products at Risk

I think the only thing I'm nostalgic for in regards to the 2000's is that the gadgets and tech that came out in that decade actually had real utility. These tech companies these days want me to buy a $400 mirror because it tells me the weather. I already have a pocket computer that tells me the weather, a home AI that tells me the weather, and a watch that tells me the weather. I've input my grocery list into so many devices that I don't need the list because putting it on all these smart devices inadvertently made me memorize it. The $30 christmas RC car that gets destroyed by the elements in a week is now an $800 drone for no reason. Every new website/app venture is just a cynical data collecting scheme.

In the 2000s, the gadgets were actually USEFUL. This pocket computer gets you on the internet without having to carry a textbook-sized laptop! This blu-ray holds 20x more data so you can have several movies on it instead of just one! This phone lets you record video! This website can stream videos instead of you having to download them! They fulfilled actual needs.

I don't think if I was born later I would have fallen in love with technology like I did growing up in the 90s and 00s. The stuff coming out today is total junk. Another subscription streaming service when I already have two. A smart X that doesn't actually improve the day-to-day lived experience. It's like they've run out of ideas but capitalism demands endless growth so they're just pumping out bullshit. 

Silicon Valley is the new Hollywood.

Fitbit is a medical device for certain people with certain conditions that need to constantly know their heartbeat. The idea that it's a consumer product for everyone is a capitalist marketing scam. 

It's like digital chapstick.
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