RANT - fuck life"

What is the point in existing? No one really knows the answer to that question, not truly. 

Are we here to procreate? If so, then why are we self aware? What purpose can there be in a life where the end result is always the same... Death. 

Everything and everyone dies. What is death? That point in time where we stop living. What's living? When we were conceived when did we start living? When the sperm and egg fused? We we developed a brain? When we started to look human? So we were created, birthed by our mothers. 

We did not ask to exist, to be self aware, to long for meaning in a universe that is indifferent to our existence. If there is no meaning in life then what's the point? Nothing matters, it never has. We're all going to die, every tree, bacterium, virus, everything. One day the sun will stop fusing hydrogen and collapse under its own mass. The earth will freeze. Eventually the entire universe will become stable or reverse back to the time before the big bang. How an I supposed to find meaning in a life that is inherently pointless? 

Some people turn to god, but how am I supposed to do that without proof? Faith? Ha! I guess for me there are two options, try and find happiness or jump off a cliff. The search for happiness is a distraction from the realisation of pointlessness. I just hope I can stay distracted long enough to live out a natural life.
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