Rant #2 - Stop being an Asshole

I thought I was doing the right thing trying to be the bigger person and do whatever it took to make our relationship work, apologizing time and time again no matter who was in the wrong. But it takes two to make a relationship. One person should not be expected to change their entire way of life and sacrifice everything for a person who sees nothing wrong with their own actions and points out flaws to make a point. 

One person should not be giving 110% and the other is giving much less. Love takes time and work and if you can't see the problems within your own self, you have no right pointing fingers and trying to force someone else to change.

Were there things I had to work on? Yes. And I tried. Did she do the same? Fuck, NO ! And that's where I fucked up letting her off easy because it became a regular thing and I gave her the power and control over me.

Don't be a hypocrite and tell someone "I will be a humanoid" or "I have no free will" when you can't have an actual conversation being direct. Don't be an asshole who expects so much of others but nothing of themself. And you do NOT get to blame your past or your anger issues for your present actions and attitude. The world doesn't owe you shit like you think it does.

Thank you for listening to my Ted Talk
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