Apple Glass, Your Future, Our Vision

‘Apple Glass, view the world your way’
Apple glass filters the world around you, eliminating distractions and focusing your word. Homeless people and the poor are pixelated, android users flagged with warnings, you can share your personal views with other Apple Glass users with a wink and a nod.

If you see a real life object you desire, your pupil dilation will mark it as a preference for your world filter. Other Apple Glass users will see a visually optimal version of yourself, tailored to please the viewer. As the battery runs low, Apple Glass will warn you by slowly turning your view to black, and highlighting the route to your local Apple Store where you can recharge the Apple Glass power unit at a convenient ‘apple life station’.

For premium users, Apple earbuds will pair with the Apple Glass to sooth the voices that reach your ears with comforting phrases about how good you look and how powerful a person you are.

Worried about theft of your Apple Glass world filters? Don’t be, a small thermite charge is embedded in a bespoke cage located at the base of each ear, three failed authentication attempts in a row and the thermite ignites burning a hole through the spinal column of the unauthorised user.

Apple Glass comes with an optional sleeping cage, allowing users to rest with the non removable Apple Glass frame suspended safely away from your pillow. Apple will dovetail your drift into sleep and your wake up with tailored messages designed to help you live your best life with Apple.
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