The Spectrum Of Good And Evil

When People Think About Good And Evil Some People Think About Would Say There Is Good And Evil People Some People Say There Is A Spectrum But In Thinking About It I Think I Found Out What Good And Evil Is....

My Theory Is There Is Not A Spectrum But Hundreds Of Spectrum's That Show How Good Or Evil They Are To Different People And It Shows Why People Might Be Truly Nice To One Person But Might Be Evil To Another This Can Also Show Why Crimes Of Passion Exist Because They Feel Love Towards One Person But Feel Anger Towards The Person Who Also Loves The Person Which Drives Then To Commit The Crime

So It Is Multiple Spectrum's But A Way To Make It Easier Is Is By Putting It On Two Spectrum’s The Person When There The Nicest And When There The Most Evil On A Scale

I Think I Have Proven My Theory But To Finish Off I Will Give More Evidence Has It Not Been Proven That Some Of The Most Evil People Of History Have Had Time When They Showed There Nice Side To People

But Also My Theory Can Happen With People Evolving To Show There Nice Side So The Spectrum’s Change With The Creation Of And Losing Of People Who The Person Hates There For Showing People Can Reform And Become Good Or Go Up On The Spectrum
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