Funimation caught in a tight spot amid Sexual Allegations

Back at the beginning year, Funimation released Dragon Ball Super: Broly. In the midst of it's release a twitter user Hanleia Tweeted Funimation asking why they are working with a Pedophile. (Actor Vic Mignona) Current Bulma Voice Actress Monica Rial shared her story of how a decade ago Vic invited her to his room and sexually assaulted her, only to be stopped by a Con Owner Stan Dhail. (sp?) 

Along with other allegations from other voice actresses from Funimation led to Vic being fired from Funimation, Rooster Teeth and being uninvited from several conventions. (With at least one proven convention being told to uninvite Vic by Monica's fiance Ron Toye.)

Funimation puts out a tweet after the firing saying that workplace harassment and improper conduct will not be tolerated at their company.

During this time, Monica and her friend and fellow Voice Actress Jamie Marchi begin to demonize Vic online with allegations of various misdeeds as stories are told to them through various channels. This leads to two hashtags being created #KickVic and #IstandwithVic.

A Youtuber by the name of Nick Reikata (Sp?) sets up a GoFundMe for Vic's legal fees and recommends a Texas Lawyer as Vic sues Funimation, Monica, Ron and Jamie for Defamation and Tortuous interference.

Nick also begins to cover the story on his youtube channel, and as an attorney, shares his insight on all the legal filings as they develop.

This week, two big stories about the people involved came out. The first being that Ron Toye was very abusive and violent to both of his ex-wives, requiring restraining orders. This has lead to speculation that the whole situation that Monica is being abused as well and was forced to accuse Vic. (This has been denied by Monica)

The second is the audio recording leaks. The audio itself is actually fairly common in the anime world, with VA's after Dark panels at conventions having the same kind of topics, some become DVD extra's, etc. What it does contradict, however, is the deposition of Monica who talked about their workplace as a place where hugs and other tokens of affection were frowned upon by the higher ups.

So what does this mean for the court case? Most likely very little in 3 of the four defendants. It may be brought up in Funi's part, though.

What does this mean for the voice actors doing the clips? Probably little, in the long run. You have two very passionate sides are inflating the issue because of the court proceedings.

What does this mean for Funimation: Here is the big problem, even outside the court battle. Toei (Who produces Dragonball, along with many other anime) is already angry that the lawsuit happening in the first place. This even larger event taking place may make Toei consider dropping Funi for the harm the legal battle and this outing of audio portraying their characters as homophobic, incestuous and pedophillic in nature.
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