Celebrating 2 Years of Right to Privacy | India

Today marks the second year anniversary of a momentous day in constitutional history in the digital day and age. On August 24, 2017, the Right to Privacy was identified as a fundamental right under the Constitution of India by a nine judge bench of the Supreme Court. The declaration of privacy as a right has had manifold impact not only affecting direct issues of data protection but even larger areas of mass surveillance and personal aspect such as the right to one's own sexuality.

The Right to Privacy is very close to my heart, it has been one of IFF's core issues and they have consistently been working to ensure the same for citizens of India. Our fight for privacy has persisted since the introduction of the Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 with submissions to public consultations, RTIs requesting transparency and disclosure, advocating for privacy through intrusive government schemes such as CCTVs and facial recognition systems and most recently, the tabling of the Personal Data and Information Privacy Code, 2019 in the Lok Sabha aided by the wonderful Dr. Ravi Kumar (Lok Sabha, MP from Tamil Nadu). This is only the beginning.

They are also encouraging a wider community today to mark, celebrate on what privacy means to you by posting on social media. They have created a document with a few tweets on privacy at this link for you tweet out personally. If you feel like it please do consider tagging it with #PrivacySupreme.

If you support the Right to Privacy, help support. Become an IFF member today!
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