Uncertainty In life

At first I thought I would write about the things I never said to my mother in arguments. But now I find myself longing to document a thought I just can't wrap my head around. As I am sure, many people talk about the meaning of life and what their thoughts of it are or the lack thereof but me I don't know what to think rather i question.

I am writing this and would like to call it uncertainty. Uncertainty is the thing in life that troubles my mind the most. For we can never be sure of anything other than things proven we can say that the sun will always rise but even the sun comes to an end we could say the news will always come but what if the paper boy is missed his route these are the uncertainties in life. With them come the question of life and the whys, whens and hows.

Being human we look for certainty in everything as it makes us feel safe making the unknown the scariest thing we encounter. I often question life myself mostly because nothing is guaranteed. It is not guaranteed that I will wake up tomorrow or have a successful life. There is nothing that says everyone will have a happy family and kids, a wife and a lovely home. Nothing says we will live a full long life of adventure and fun.

Most of us accept this and work a 9-5 job in hopes of getting all these things but not me I'm 26 and I question it. I ask the what if's what if I don't have a happy life what if I become homeless and sad what if this world ends what if when I do die there is nothing. We can't assume that all that we want will be cause there are always and will forever be chances of it all going south and personally I'm not one to gamble. Instead to have come to accept that the only thing I am guaranteed in this life is my prolonged inevitable death and I will try to get the things I want and love but if I dont well that doesnt matter does it were all just gonna die anyway.
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